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Where is the Ruiner?










due to this virus...i am not allowed to tattoo..

please email if you want to go on a waiting list

The 1st Tattooist in Australia
Creating abstract and modern art on skin 13 years ago
Ruiner Ran tattooing, abstract artist

For 13 years Ran has pushed the boundaries of tattooing in Australia, the first artist in the country to take tattooing outside the strict confines it had created.

A true Renegade and artist.


Featuring in countless publications and gaining notoriety both here and abroad as an artist not content with what has been before.


A tattooist, brut artist, designer and builder.


From the fringe into the obscure. 

Based in Melbourne, at Grim & Proper tattoos, Prahran, Victoria Australia.


He is also taking commissions on canvas and skate deck art and very keen to work on a larger scale.

The work of Ran Maclurkin is a perfect example: His jagged forms correlate with the imaginings of director Tim Burton.

Tattoo World - Marisa Kakoulas

What inbred trailer park did you spring from?

Father of client